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echolot founder Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer and his partner-in-crime Sönke Lehmann aka L'Man

About us

echolot is a Hamburg-based music label that was founded in 2011 by creative mind and multi-disciplinary artist Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer. The label is dedicated to electronic music in its broadest sense – ranging from headstrong electronica to dance floor tools.

After many years of silence we returned in 2021 with new ideas and new music ready to be released now. Together with his dear partner-in-crime Sönke Lehmann aka L'Man, Kämmer is taking care of everything concerning the label. We hope you enjoy our music.

Super limited edition of 7" vinyl cuts of "Sunshine Society"

On the occasion of the release of "Sunshine Society" we offer a super limited edition of transparent 7" 60g vinyl. On the B side you find last year's beautiful groover "Summer in Sweden" for the first time ever on vinyl. Cut by hand by duophonic in Germany. Each sleeve comes with a hand-printed cover and a sticker on the back side. These are all unique pieces, hand-numbered and signed. First come, first serve – until stocks lasts. If you're interested, please write us a message: mail@echolot-records.com.

Watch the music video for "Summer in Sweden"

For the release of echolot012 Kämmer created a beautiful music video that was shot on black-and-white Super 8 film in Väbynäs, Sweden in June 2023.

Summer in Sweden (echolot012) Music Video Teaser

Super limited edition 12" vinyl cuts of "And I Wonder"

As a little special on the occasion of the release of catalog number 15 we had only 5 copies of 12" black vinyl cut by duophonic in Augsburg, Germany. These are 150g 45rpm club-ready cuts that will last at least as long as mass-produced vinyl pressings. They come as stamped white labels in a brown cardboard sleeve with a special sticker on it. All done with lots of love. If you're interested, please write us a message: mail@echolot-records.com. Stock is, of course, super limited. So these might sell out very quickly.

Sunshine Society (echolot016)
Sunshine Society


And I Wonder (echolot015)
And I Wonder


Thru the Peephole (echolot014)
Thru the Peephole


Peter Got the Flu (echolot013)
Peter Got the Flu


Summer in Sweden (echolot012)
Summer in Sweden


Something In Ur Soul (echolot011)
Something in Ur Soul


Sauna (echolot010)
Kämmer vs L'Man


Happiness in W12 (echolot009)
Happiness in W12


Speak French Together (echolot008)
Speak French Together


Far Out Now (echolot007)
Far Out Now


Calima (echolot006)


Estrella del Norte (echolot005)
Estrella del Norte


Thinking of Distant Shores (echolot004)
Thinking of Distant Shores


Expedition (echolot003)
Christian R. Meyer


Føreign (echolot002)


Salon Mort (echolot001)
Salon Mort


Did someone say airplay?

A selection of radio stations and podcasts who played and included our releases.

Byte.FM Radio
Deutschlandfunk Kultur Radio
Night Swim Radio
Sci Fi Radio USA
Radio Dark Tunnel


echolot was founded back in 2011 by Lars Kemnitz aka Kämmer. He developed the idea for a netlabel when we was graduating from university. Out of passion for electronic music he wanted to create a home base for his music and those of his friends. And his aim was to make the music available for free download. Back then streaming was not such a big issue as today, so he released through SoundCloud and later Bandcamp under a Creative Commons license. After three releases from 2011 to 2014 he didn't release any new music until he revived the label in 2021. Since then the output has been constant with new releases every few months.

For a long time echolot did only digital releases. And that's still the usual case because of costs. But as we love vinyl we made an exception in 2023: To celebrate our catalog number 10 we had a special limited transparent 10" vinyl cut for us by hand by Austrian manufacturer Dr. Dub. There were only 10 pieces available which sold out very fast. More exceptions are likely to follow in the future. Get the latest news on social media.

Generally, yes. You can send us your music. But please be aware that we are an independent DIY label and can't do any large commercial releases. As well we can't pay for mastering or other promotion. But if you want to get your music out and be part of a collective of electronic music enthusiasts who simply love what they do, then feel free to drop us a note. We promise that we will listen to it and get back to you. Send your music to mail@echolot-records.com (use a file transfer service like WeTransfer or Dropbox).

Because that was the initial idea when the label was founded. Today we are no longer releasing under a Creative Commons license. But you can download all our music for free on Bandcamp. We don't charge anything. But you can, of course, pay as much as you like if you want to support us.

We are not making a living of our music. That gives us the freedom to offer it for free. And through streaming nowadays you can support us as well. It's only cents but streaming our music a lot on Spotify or Apple Music makes a difference in the long run. And so we know that you like what we do. That's what makes us happy.

No, for mastering we rely on experts who really know what they are doing. Releases until 2014 were all mastered by Fabian Tormin in Hamburg. All releases from 2021 up to now were mastered either by Sam John at Precise Mastering in the UK or by Qant in France. It's important to us to release only high-quality music. And that doesn't go without a proper mastering that makes sure the music sounds as good as it can everywhere and in every situation. We don't have the expertise and the specially treated rooms to do mastering. And in our opinion it's always worth letting someone else listen to your music with fresh ears. It pays off in the end.

Please send all your questions to mail@echolot-records.com. We will make sure to get back to you as long as your question is serious.

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