Happiness in W12 (echolot009)

Happiness in W12


Release Notes

"Happiness in W12" is the first EP by Kämmer in 2023. And it has "old school" witten all over it. Two House bangers that immediately remind you of the 90s. With lots of well-known and legendary sounds. Put together by Kämmer who loves this sound aesthetic very much.

Regarding the title of the EP Kämmer explains:

"When I was in London last October I saw a billboard in a shopping mall with the words 'Happiness in W12' on it. And that was when I decided that this will be the title for my next EP. 'W12' stands for the post code area which is mainly Shepherd's Bush, the neighborhood where I was staying that boasts a rich musical history."

The first track, "That Simple", is proof to Kämmer's love of the 303 Acid Bass that is still a safe dance floor weapon. This track is extra gritty with lots of saturated drum, hat and percussion sounds as well as rich modulated chords and vocal samples. A stomping monster that unfolds its full energy at high volumes.

The second track, "I (Still) Love You", features two iconic 90s sounds: the Yamaha TX81Z Lately Bass and the famous Korg M1 Piano. Together with rave stabs, strings, forward-driving drums and vocal samples this track is a true tool that never fails in a set.


released March 1, 2023

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise, UK.

"The track 'That Simple' is so dirty (in a good way) and has some nice twists. And, of course, distorted 303 always rocks. 'I (Still) Love You': Lately Bass, as Leon Bolier told me a while ago, 'probably the best synth sound ever'. And I love the old school vibe in here while you somehow made it sound modern as well at the same time. It's just made me smile."

- Jonas Steur aka Estuera

"Tracks are sounding great – keep up the good work!"

- Dr Banana


01 That Simple

02 I (Still) Love You

Happiness in W12 (echolot009) Tracklist

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