FØREIGN (echolot002)



Release Notes

As a follow-up to his much appreciated first echolot EP "Toter Salon" Lars Kemnitz alias Kämmer provides another insight into his musical universe with "Føreign", a three-track EP. With the cinematic "Troll" he lures the listener into the eerie undergrowth of Norwegian woods celebrating a sound aesthetic that is as detailed as it is gritty. The second track, "Bramfeld 101", features a wonderful warm mallet hook that drops in after about 4 minutes of gentle build-up. "Skagentwiet", the last track of the EP, might be the most surprising one as Kämmer releases the handbrake completely in favor of a powerful ride along driving beats and electro synth lines.


released November 10, 2011

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Fabian Tormin at Plätlin Mastering, Hamburg, Germany.


01 Troll

02 Bramfeld 101

03 Skagentwiet

Føreign (echolot002) Tracklist

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