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Kämmer returns with his second EP in 2022 and picks up the thread where he left it with his last "Estrella del Norte" EP.

"Road of Hope" is inspired by Kämmer's love for old-school House music that is very popular again right now. Maybe because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Kämmer experimented with sounds from the Korg M1, one of the classic synths back in the days. His experimentation led to a hook line where parts of the melody are reversed which creates an interesting effect. Adding distorted vocal chops and a sampled oud for the intro and outro part, the track comes to life. The drums and percussion feature lots of metallic sounds, mostly of tubes and pipes.

The second track, "Calima", is named after a weather phenomenon: Calima is a hot, oppressing dust and sand-laden wind in the Canary Islands region. It transports loads of sands from the Sahara over the sea and covers everything with a thin layer of sand. The idea was to make this track as well sound a little dusty, distorted, choppy and unpredictable. For the melody Kämmer made use of a sampled tidinit, a half-spike plucked lute from Mauritania. And for the broken beats he used lots of traditional percussion from the Maghreb region including a darbuka, a single head membranophone that gets glitched up. At some point the tidinit makes space for a massive bass line, that is heavily side-chained by the kick drum hitting hard. This is when the track becomes a real head banger.


released September 3, 2022

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise, UK.


01 Road of Hope

02 Calima (Drum Dub)

Calima (echolot006) Tracklist

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