Thinking of Distant Shores (echolot004)

Thinking of Distant Shores


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After many years of silence, creative mind and multi-disciplinary artist Lars Kemnitz returns with this new track under his DJ, selector and producer alias Kämmer. "Thinking of Distant Shores" took a long way from the very first draft to the final mix. Major inspiration came during travels to the island of Fuerteventura where the music video was shot as well. The rough and barren landscape, the tranquility the island radiates throughout, the melancholy felt when looking at the sea imagining the distant coast line of Morocco – all of that was reason enough for him to start producing again.

"Thinking of Distant Shores" is built upon a Dembow-inspired drum pattern and is driven forward by a huge warm synth pad at a relaxed tempo of 105 bpm.


released August 20, 2021

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise, UK.

Watch the music video for "Thinking of Distant Shores"

For the release of echolot004 Kämmer created a beautiful music video that was shot on black-and-white 8mm film on the island of Fuerteventura in 2021. The video has been featured online and was also part of an exhibition in Rome, Italy.

Thinking of Distant Shores (echolot004) Music Video Teaser


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