Peter Got the Flu (echolot013)

Peter Got the Flu


Release Notes

With this two-track EP, Kämmer pays homage to early '90s rave by taking some of the now legendary sounds of that era and doing something new with them.

The first track, "Real Good", is built around the Roland Alpha Juno, a classic rave synth that gave us the famous hoover sound. Kämmer added bass, piano and a pad from the Korg synths MS-20 and M1 respectively, alongside a catchy vocal sample that brings back the old days immediately. With drums that vary between breaks and four-to-the-floor, this track is in its rawness and energy a true gem.

The second track, "Peter Got the Flu", carries its title because Kämmer began working on it when finding the Shakuhashi flute sample from the '80s E-Mu Emulator II that everyone recognizes from the Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer". Gabriel didn't invent it actually: it was part of the E-Mu II and was used many times throughout pop history since then. The donk bass is also a classic sound, very popular in Hard House and Hard Bass and quite easy to create. Bit-distorted breaks that alternate with a stomping four-to-the-floor techno beat form the the foundation of the track. Kämmer added on top a bit of MS-20 and M1 et voilà, here's "Peter Got the Flu".


released October 13, 2023

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Qant in France.

"'Real Good': I love how dirty and gritty this all is but in a nice controlled way. Kudos for pulling that off, getting the balance in a mix is quite difficult I think. And, of course, can't help to smile and nod when all these classic rave sounds get the track going. So good job making something that sounds classic and modern at the same time. 'Peter Got the Flu': Hard-hitting beats, glitches and the shaku, big time someone got that one out again! And I love that little voice hook. Another smile and nod track for me."

- Jonas Steur aka Estuera


01 Real Good

02 Peter Got the Flu

Peter Got the Flu (echolot013) Tracklist

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