Estrella del Norte (echolot005)

Estrella del Norte


Release Notes

This EP came a long way and shows once more the diverse influences of Kämmer's music.

The first track, "Estrella del Norte", was born on the island of Fuerteventura. The guitar lead is a prominent reminder of Spanish music culture. Kämmer combines this with an experimental piano pad, a rhodes, mono reese bass, a four-to-the-floor drum pattern and extensive hi-hat work. The result is a forward-driving House gem.

The second track, "Hajouj", is inspired by Moroccan music. The hajouj (or gimbri, guembri, gmbri, etc.) is a three stringed skin-covered bass plucked lute that's one of the essential instruments in traditional Gnawa music. Kämmer used samples of the hajouj as the backbone of this track and he added lots of heavy percussion from the Maghreb region. The melodic hook is sampled from a ney (or nay, ney) flute, one of the oldest instruments still in use throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. It has been played for 4,500–5,000 years. The vocal chops are taken from field recordings made in the 1950s in Morocco. Kämmer combined all these different parts in a track that can be a real killer on a huge sound system.


released May 21, 2022

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise, UK.


01 Estrella del Norte

02 Hajouj (Drum Dub)

Estrella del Norte (echolot005) Tracklist

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