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Kämmer vs L'Man


Release Notes

With "Sauna" echolot celebrates its 10th release. And also the first release for which echolot label head Kämmer joined forces with his long-time DJ colleague L'Man who now gives his echolot debut. Together they created a two-track EP with two groovy summer House gems.

The story behind the title track, "Sauna", reads quite interesting. As Kämmer visits the sauna every week, one day when sitting and sweating he thought, "Why not trying to create a track that sounds like being inside a sauna?". When he then came to L'Man with a bunch of samples they experimented a little and the foundation of the track was laid within hours. To their surprise the idea worked out very well. A strong focus was on sound selection as there are lots of wooden and crackling sounds, vocal samples and field recordings involved in creating the right atmosphere. The featured instruments radiate as well a certain warmth: Fender Rhodes piano, strings, brass, a swirling pad underneath and a Balearic guitar hook on top. Driven by a funky plucky bass, the track takes you on a journey through different states – interrupted by regular infusions, you can really hear the steam and sense the heat through your speakers or headphones. Kämmer and L'Man themselves contributed some vocals, whereas a sample from the Lele & Os song "Schokoladeneis" (in English "chocolate ice cream") just matched the vibe so well that it was included with kind permission. "Sauna" became a true organic groover. Our summer track of 2023.

The second track, "Sicasumbre", is named after a mountain and a vantage point in the South of Fuerteventura, Spain. When Kämmer was there he got the idea to create an airy track with some 80s vibes. And so, "Sicasumbre" was born. It features a string section over a classic organ bass and a hook that is based upon a MS-20 patch. Gated snare, drum machine hihats and chopped female vocal samples are driving the track. And a Spanish vocoder vocal line adds to the 80s character: "Esperanza, Amar, Libertad" – "Hope, Love, Freedom": What else do we need? "Sicasumbre" is already an all-time favorite of ours. Be aware of the acid drop that suddenly appears in the breakdown ;) This is a smooth groover that instantly makes you move.


released May 9, 2023

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz and Sönke Lehmann.
"Sauna" contains a vocal sample used courtesy of Lea Freund/Lele & Os.
Mastered by Sam John at Precise, UK.

Super limited edition 10" vinyl cuts of "Sauna"

In order to celebrate the 10th release on echolot we decided to produce our first-ever limited 10" vinyl edition. There are 10 pieces, lovingly and manually cut into beautiful transparent 180g vinyl by Dr. Dub in Austria. These are at least as good as mass-produced vinyls, maybe even better :) And we don't have to mention that the cover artwork looks so great, do we?. If you're interested in getting your hands on one of these, please drop us a line:


01 Sauna

02 Sicasumbre

Sauna (echolot010) Tracklist

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