And I Wonder (echolot015)

And I Wonder


Release Notes

We proudly present our first release in 2024 with two new tracks by Kämmer that are perfect fits for the club.

"And I Wonder" is a 135 bpm House banger featuring classic organ bass, driving synths in interplay with lush mallets. It's a force that unfolds pretty fast and radiates good vibes throughout the room. The ever-evolving drone-like pad really holds things together and provides suspense from start to finish.

As a bonus Kämmer dug deep in his archive and found new pleasure in his 2011 track "Toter Salon", a pretty dark Techno gem that needed a little polishing to be ready for 2024. Back in the days Kämmer wasn't at the production level he is now, so he took a lot of the original samples and, of course, the original composition to imagine a new fresh version in his head. The result is stunning: It sounds way better than in 2011, but keeps the original idea fully alive. Kämmer also added some new elements and ramped up the tempo from 120 to 130 bpm to be compatible with today's DJ sets.


released March 1, 2024

Written and produced by Lars Kemnitz.
Mastered by Qant in France.

"'And I Wonder': Old school vibes for sure. I like it's kind of trancy as well. Although not an official genre there was quite a lot of that going on in the Dutch club scene of the late 90s. I always called that style 'club trance'. This track certainly does have quite a bit of that sound. Nice. 'Toter Salon': Also old school but a 'newer kind of old school' :D Love the rhodes in there! And the bassline hits the right spot after the break :) Also quite nice."

- Jonas Steur aka Estuera

"'And I Wonder': Very energetic old school tune! :) Fits well with my Garage House playlist."

- Sam Paradise

Super limited edition 12" vinyl cuts of "And I Wonder"

As a little special on the occasion of the release of catalog number 15 we had only 5 copies of 12" black vinyl cut by duophonic in Augsburg, Germany. These are 150g 45rpm club-ready cuts that will last at least as long as mass-produced vinyl pressings. They come as stamped white labels in a brown cardboard sleeve with a special sticker on it. All done with lots of love. If you're interested, please write us a message: Stock is, of course, super limited. So these might sell out very quickly.


01 And I Wonder
02 Toter Salon (2024 Re-Imagination)

And I Wonder (echolot015) Tracklist

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